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American Idol Predictions 2014 Top 6 Who Will Make It it s time for the weekly american idol predictions based on with so few singers left on american idol 2014 we ll only get the bottom 2 again this week before the elimination results let s see what you the readers are predicting. American Idol 2014 Spoilers Top 7 Elimination Results Live Recap we saw a new theme on american idol 2014 this week as the top 7 on american idol they asked the top 7 what they would do if they had a mustang for a day and it was kind of humorous safe jena and alex in bottom 2 dexter roberts the next. American Idol Results Tonight 2014 Recap Top 7 Who S Going Home american idol 2014 had a 1 9 rating last night the first time it has fallen below 2 0 on a performance show idol had 8 38 million viewers who saw demi lovato as the fourth judge tonight one contestable be voted on the show who do you think will be. American Idol 2014 Top 7 Predictions Who Goes Home Tonight On Idol her vocals are great but she doesn t show any emotion when performing and needed it big time with the miranda lambert song last night who do you think will be eliminated tonight on american idol 2014. American Idol Top 7 Too Much Time On Their Hands with fewer singers each week american idol s producers find themselves with more and more time to fill wednesday to the point that randy jackson had to remind him that does not mean sabotage the results were one of the most musically satisfying. American Idol 2014 Live Recap Top 7 Performances Video post contains american idol 2014 spoilers and videos for the american idol season 13 top 7 performances on wednesday please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened for the first time ever on idol the competitors will be choosing. American Idol 2014 Recap A Showstopper And A Standing Ovation what do a pop singer hall of fame football player teen dance dj and female ufc fighter have in common none of them needed to appear on american idol tonight what a waste of time harsh harry was hoarse harry tonight he sounded terrible. American Idol 2014 Predictions Top 7 Who Is Voted Off Tonight last night on american idol season 13 the producers clearly had some time to fill up with less performers meuse is going home tonight on american idol 2014 even though i hope she stays who do you think is voted off tonight on american. American Idol Recap Familiarity Is Your Friend after time traveling to the 80s last week and she has nothing better to do but hang out with randy jackson and critique the duets and one trio however her idea of critique was pretty much just repeating whatever harry said which was fine by. American Idol Top 7 Elimination Results Top 6 Revealed Live Blog April 17 who made it on american idol top 6 the results are in and the eliminated singer from top 7 will be announced tonight april 17 2014 on wednesday it s a really good song for you if you do an emotional thing i would like it a bit more. .

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